We offer our dock to owners for surveys, for class, insurance, sale, purchase, etc. We can give advice to owners ourselves and, although we are not surveyors, we can furnish owners with a list of ‘bona fide’ surveyors who specialise in all types of vessels.


We carry out a full range of repairs and maintenance that is generally associated with shipyards and dry docks, and we can accommodate repairs to shell plating, pipework, engines and steering gear. Shotblasting, pressure washing, and painting work is also provided, with electrical and joinery work subcontracted.

Unlike many dry dock and slip owners, we do allow owners and employees to work on their own vessels whilst they are in dock.

Whilst repairs are being completed house boat owners are invited to remain onboard if they want to do so.


We undertake all types of major alterations. We have altered a tanker into a shell ready to be converted to a house boat.

We have overseen propeller and prop shaft repairs, removed and replaced engine room bottoms and various shell plating.

Company Management

Deans Marine is responsible for the management of Deans Tugs and Workboats .